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Hike from Vilcabamba to Machu Picchu

Vilcabamba - Machu Picchu - Sacred Valley of the Incas - Cusco - Sierra Sur - Peru - South America

Hike from Vilcabamba to Machu Picchu:

The trekking tours from Vilcabamba to Machu Picchu: Begin when leaving Cusco by private transport to the town of Huancancalle where our adventure begins; During the crossing we will pass through important towns such as: Hincheros, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo, then to climb to the place known as: Abra de Málaga located at 4315 m.s.n.m. (Quillabamba), passing through the villages of Huayopata, Quintalpata, Alfamayu, Amaybamba, Huyro, Santa María, Chaullay (the point of convergence between the Vilcabamba and Urubamba rivers) to 1780 masl To finally arrive to Huancancalle of our excursion, to realize our lunch with a due rest, soon we will visit Vitcos or Rosaspata that is half an hour of trekking or trekking from Huancacalle place of the first camp that is had reserved.

We will start the trip from Huancacalle as early as possible to visit the archaeological center of Yuracrumi, which we will explore with a guide, then take a part of the ancient Inca trail that will require us to ascend to the Asutina, at 3750 m. S. N. M. With an average of 1 hr. Where we will have lunch and take a short break; After about 3 hours. Later to restart our trek we will arrive at Racachaca place where we will make our second camp from where we will be able to observe the snowy of Lasoma and the beautiful landscape that Racachaca offers us of the nature.

After taking energies we will restart our trekking or trekking very early from Racachaca to the open Pumaccasa and enjoy the scenic beauty of the lagoon of Yanacocha, then continue our route through the open Tullutacona that will give us the opportunity to observe the lagoon Of Soyroccocha and snowy of Pumacillo besides the beautiful landscape that offers us this zone in flora and fauna with its vegetation.

Then we will continue our route to the open Mojon 4250 m.s.n.m. Which represents the highest point of our trek that will give us the opportunity to observe the snowfalls of Veronica, Salkantay Trek and others besides visualizing already known Waynapicchu. Finally we will descend towards Chaupichaca where our third camp will be located.

At the earliest, we will start our descent excursion in the direction of the town of Yanatile, from where we will take transport that will initially take us to the village of Santa Teresa and then to the Hydroelectric where we will take our Peruvian railroad train, which will take us to the village of Aguas Calientes place where we will spend the night in a nice lodging, in hours of the night we still have the possibility to enjoy the thermal baths located in Aguas Calientes.

Early in the morning we will ascend to the entrance to the citadel of Machu Picchu "wonder of the world" the same that we explore with our guide in an average time of 2 hrs to 2 hrs and a half, the same that will lead us through the The Inca citadel, visiting the main square, the temple of the condor, the Intihuatana, quarter of the mortars, the temple of the three windows and other centers of great importance.

Then we will have enough free time for other suggested activities such as: more tour to recognize the points of interest in Machu Picchu, climb the WaynaPicchu, or go down to the town of Aguas Calientes for a relax or enjoy the thermal baths of the place. Then we will take our train back to the city of Cusco.