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Information about Calca - Cusco


The Peruvian province of Calca is one of the thirteen provinces in the Department of Cusco, belonging to the Cusco Region, Peru. Bounded on the north by the province of La Convención, east Paucartambo province, south of the province and the province of Quispicanchi Cusco and west by the province of Urubamba.

A 18 Km of Pisaq. It has attractive landscapes. In the jurisdiction of Calca there are medicinal thermal baths of Machacancha, with sulphurous waters, and of Minasorco with cold mineral water.

Calca is the capital of the province of the same name, has a welcoming climate and termalístico potential, is located 50.5 kilometers from the city of Cusco. It is 2.928 m.s.n.m. Its average temperature between 15 º C and 20 º C.

Calca attractions:

Huch'uy Qosqo:

Monumental archaeological complex of stone and mud, 3,600 meters above sea level where you can see: platforms, roads, ceremonial centers, buildings up to three levels, squares, channels, "Qhapac Ñan" or communicated Inca roads with Cusco are accessible by the following routes:

  • Tambomachay, Huchuy Qosqo, Lamay. The hike is two days and one night, Overnight in Pucamarca community.
  • Qorao, Huchuy Qosqo, Lamay. The circuit is two days and one night sleeping in Pucamarca community.
  • Chinchero, Huchuy Qosqo, Lamay. The hike is two days and one night, Overnight in Pucamarca community.
  • Lamay, Huchuy Qosqo, Lamay, the Journey is only one day.

Thermal Baths of Machacancha:

A 7 km from the city of Calca and 3050 masl The characteristics of the water are colorless, odorless, metallic taste nice, looks clear. The water clasification´s is: Sodium, magnesium, bicarbonate and sulfate. He is credited with therapeutic properties and antirheumatic, the water temperature is 40 º C, its infrastructure is modern and hygienic.

Hot springs of Minas Moqo:

The water is healthy, the hot springs are 500 meters from the town of Calca, water holes are in the Vilcanota river bed, the water chemistry characteristic is classified as chlorinated sodium and has therapeutic properties.

Lares Hot springs - Lares District:

A 1 kilometer from the capital of the district of Lares there are the hot springs. They have three pools, the first temperature is 42 º C, the second pool is 37 º C and the third at 35 ° C. It is credited with healing properties for stomach and rheumatic diseases.