CITY TOUR IN AREQUIPA: known also like the White City, it is the 2nd one take care more important in Peru after Lima, the Capital. Arequipa is a beautiful city that was founded by the Spanish in 1540 in a place especially chosen by its natural beauty and its cozy climate.

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Pick up from the hotel at 02:00 AM, We leave Arequipa driving for 3 and a half hours towards Chivay; the capital of the Colca Canyon on North West direction behind snow-covered Chachani.

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This tour surrounding Arequipa will take you to visit its best attractions. Our countryside package includes the visit to the Mirador of Carmen Alto and its volcanoes known as El Misti.

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We have the best cultural and adventure tours in Arequipa such as Colca Canyon hikes WITH DESTINATION PUNO AFTER CHIVAY, DIRECT TRIP TO PUNO, Cotahuasi Canyon, Escalata a la misti, chachani, mismi, coropuna, rafting and others.

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